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Code of the North

Red line


Take a drink with a friend or friends when you have a chance.

When using a man's cabin and before leaving, wash the dishes, leave shavings and kindling and as much wood cut as you used. Also close the door of the cabin. If barricaded against bears, put the barricade back.

Never ask a man what religion he has, for the great outdoors is his place of worship.

Never speak of women disrespectfully, we all had mothers.

Always give a fellow a lift if the going is tough.

Don't abuse a dog, he is the best friend you have on the trail; be kind to dumb animals, they remember you.

Don't kill any game wantonly; only when you have to kill for your need or for someone who is out of meat.

Call the Musher in and offer him a mugup or feed and if he is tired give him a shakedown.

Don't waste any ammunition by shooting at targets; the last cartridge may save your life.

Keep your matches and foot gear dry on the trail and never drink whiskey or other spirits on the trail; it may be fatal to you.

Don't wander around when the fog comes in, and you can't see where you are going; wait till it clears up.

Don't leave any lights or candles burning or heavy fire in the stove when going away from the cabin.

Don't set fire to the woods. It will destroy the wildlife and game.

Parboil your bacon before frying; it will not cause you so much rheumatism; also be sanitary about the camp so not to pollute the water and atmosphere.

Don't tell the other fellow your troubles, especially love or matrimonial affairs, he may have a lot of his own.

Keep off the other fellow's trap line, both literally and categorically.

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